Me & My Journey!

imageI was always the chubby kid.  Then I became the overweight teen, and finally was the obese adult.  That is until I learned the value of good nutrition and exercise!  My own ten year journey in health and fitness has not been easy, but it led me to want to EMPOWER others to take control of their lives in order to leave their unhealthy, unhappy selves behind!  

Please know that although I am a certified professional in fitness nutrition, I am also a real person and I completely understand what it is to struggle!  Because of this, I can guarantee that I will help you without judgement!  Food is comforting, food is fun and food is addicting...I know this first hand...but I can help guide you toward better choices that will not only improve your health and make you look great, but will make you FEEL better on the inside.  Trust me, no one is perfect, but with the right support we can all take the steps toward improved health and fitness!